About me

Thank you for joining me, the journey begins!!!

Good company on a journey makes the road seem shorter.

-Izaak Walton-

Do not just take a picture with a camera. You put in the photograph all the images you saw, the books you read, the music you heard, and the people you loved.

-Ansel Adams-

What People Say

Taking pictures as a profession, confronting the greats of the past is a challenge in itself. Doing it today, submerged by technology where we all become photographers, is revolutionary.

There is a need for naturalness, there is a need for instinct, passion and madness. It is necessary to create unique photos.

Andrea Cacciola was born a photographer.

This is demonstrated by his early works, his exhibitions, the continuous experimentation and the tireless research of the technique, of the light that give life, at a mature age, to the creation of unique photos of its kind that know how to express events, feelings, states of his soul and that of others with the most unexpected and changing shapes and colors.

If photography is communication, ideas and elaborations are born, they must be born to meet other people’s ideas and thoughts in the virtuous circle of the common vital exchange.

And if the quality and coherence of a commitment are legible, what matters most is to recognize them, to enter into a relationship acquiring the appeal of which we are all recipients and natural spectators.


Let’s build something together.

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